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Justina Polydore Physiotherapist, clinical pilates instructor

Hi, I’m Justina Polydore


  • Member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

  • Fitness Consultant

  • Personal Trainer

  • Clinical Pilates Instructor

  • Founder of Echo Physiotherapy and Pilates Ltd

As an experienced Chartered Physiotherapist based in London, my patients appreciate the warmth, professional integrity, and open communication that defines my practice.

I am determined to help my patients return to physical mobility and understand their condition to prevent further injury and pain.


Each appointment includes an initial consultation where you will be told how many subsequent treatments required.

To Book an appointment: 07958245196



Mobility Treatment

I am thankful to have found the services of Justina after being bed-bound for months. I am now able to walk with my frame and I feel fantastic. This lady is a great motivator and worth every penny.

H Singleton

Stroke Survivor

Since my stroke 2 years ago I have been unable to stand or walk independently. My daily carers are not trained to help me do these things. Physiotherapy sessions with Justina have helped me to get out of the chair to practice standing and walking which I miss.

M. Kennarly

Clinical Pilates Class

This is a small class with a very pleasant feel to it. Justina is particularly good at explaining what each move is intended to achieve, and strikes a good balance between being demanding and being supportive. There is good attention to individuals in the class, including those who (like me) are totally new to Pilates and are ageing or have a health problem. I think this one is streets ahead of some exercise classes in the area which may be cheaper


Clinical Pilates Class

I have attended Echo Pilates for about a month and have really noticed a difference to my fitness and core strength. The class has a very friendly and calm atmosphere - Justina is an experienced Pilates instructor and clearly understands how the body works. She tailors the exercises to individual strengths and weaknesses. I attend her class on a Monday evening and am sometimes tempted to stay at home on the sofa, but actually find the hour of Pilates very mindful and always leave feeling energised and cheerful. I would thoroughly recommend Echo Physiotherapy and Pilates.


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